AUDIO: Experience Is An Asset, Says Candidate Jason Baker

Editor's Note: We have invited each of the candidates for mayor in Brockville to join a live in-studio discussion on the Hot Topic this week to discuss their platforms.



Jason Baker says he has the experience to be mayor of Brockville.

"Council needs vision but I also believe it needs experienced leadership to ensure that those visions are delivered.

He is one of four running for mayor, along with Cec Drake, Mark Oliver and Kelly Cole on Monday, October 22.

Baker has served on council for about 20 years, he's also co-owns Ketchum Manufacturing in the city. 

Speaking on the Bruce While Show with Kimberley Johnson on a range of topics on Friday, Baker says setting priorities and planning are key issues he would begin on right away if elected.

"The first thing I would do with a new council is sit down and decide what we want to accomplish in the first 60 days, first year, and then the remaining three years of the mandate after that."

He says the city plans in the past have been too broad, "we need a list of priorities."

Baker says City Council needs to be involved with what happens to the building and the land once Proctor and Gamble officially shuts it's doors.

"There are some really big opportunities to generate new jobs on that site and we have to be front and centre and part of those conversations."

He's also interested in fixing things inside city hall. He says he's interested in "re-vamping" how the Economic Development Department works and functions.

"I think we have to get more involved in finding out what are the current challenges to our businesses doing business in Brockville, and then work to improve those situations."

As the topic turns to safety in Brockville, Baker says City Council's job is to provide the necessary resources for police to do their jobs and "get out of the way."

"Being a safe community is something that we need to work at every day. We can't take that for granted because it's not guaranteed."

Hear the full interview with Jason Baker from the Hot Topic below.