AUDIO: Federal Budget 2018 Released

Women, science and conservation are among the dominant themes of the federal government's latest budget, tabled on Tuesday.

The budget includes an $18.1-billion deficit for 2018-2019, with no plan for a return to balanced books, as the Liberals promised before the last election.

That's something that Leeds and Grenville MP Gord Brown tells JR FM he's taking aim at.

"This deficit is three times what they promised for this fiscal year, and they promised that we would return to surplus by 2019 in their last election campaign, and yet they're continuing to pile debt on future generations."

A large focus for the budget is the participation of women in the workforce. Adding funding for parental leave, pay equity legislation for federally regulated employees to close the wage gap, and funding for female entrepreneurs.

It's part of a longer-term plan to grow the economy and brace for the consequences of an aging population.

It also includes major investments in science, the environment and reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples.

One thing thats noticably absent is major infrastructure spending.

Brown says he had hoped to see funding for the area, and will have to see what comes about previously announced spending.

"They had previously made announcements on infrastructure, but the fact is that the money has not been rolling out," he says. "There's been a few small announcements, but most of the infrastructure money seems to be targeted on the large urban centres in Canada, and not the rural Canada. I'm hoping their going to continue to do that because that's what drives the economy."



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