AUDIO: Henderson Not Running For Re-Election

David Henderson is explaining his decision not to run again for Mayor.

He says it's simply time.

"I think that after a certain time frame in any role, you get a little tired, you get a little stale. The excitement's gone," says Henderson. "When you get that edge off, I think it's time to move on."

Henderson says he's bowing out with over two weeks ahead of the deadline because wanted to open up the race. But right now he won't be giving any advice to the next mayor of Brockville, because they'll have their own agenda."

He says whoever does take the job, he hopes they continue to revitalize, which is a process that began before him.

"Keeping a focus on rebuilding our core areas. Our downtown areas, our waterfront areas," says Henderson. "Because we've done a good job over the years of rebuilding the waterfront from beat up coal docks to an exceptional park area."

"I'm going to live here a long time, so by gosh I want it to be a beautiful place and continue to be a beautiful place," he adds laughing.

Henderson hasn't announced his next move, but says he's excited for his "third career."