AUDIO: Kelly Cole Says She Plans To 'Listen, Learn Lead and Make Mistakes' If Elected Mayor

Editors Note: We have invited each of the candidates for mayor in Brockville to join a live in-studio discussion on the Hot Topic this week to discuss their platforms. The first in this series is Kelly Cole.



Kelly Cole says she's not in the business of "making promises she can't keep." and that's why she's not making any.

Speaking on the Hot Topic on the Bruce Wylie Show with Kimberley Johnson, Cole says that she doesn't make campaign promises because you can't see what’s going to happen over the next four years.

"I really hate the fact that people think that people in politics lie," she says. "And I think that when you make promises during the election campaign it's very hard to accomplish [those promises]."

Cole says what she can promise is that she will work with the entire newly-elected council on the issue.

"People are concerned about a lot of things in the city. But if we don't laser focus on accomplishing fixing a deficit, or working together as a team, we'll never accomplish it."

She thinks her campaign slogan to "Listen, Learn and Lead, and Make Mistakes" extends to a few different areas, including jobs. Cole says that job creation starts with talking to industries here at home.

"See if there's anything we can do as a city, and as mayor to make them hire more people, to open avenues of revenue and growth," she says. "Perhaps there's an industry that could be brought here that could help some of our industries."

Cole says she's focusing on the positives.

"We don't have zero jobs here," she says. "I'm also thinking of creative ideas as well, like internships."

When the issue of safety comes up, Cole says she thinks talking with the community can help there too.

Cole says she wants to work with police and other stakeholders.

"Let's have town halls where people can come. Not on Facebook," she says. "And people can chat about what we can do."

This is the first in a series of 8:50am Hot Topic discussions with the candidates for mayor in Brockville. Mark Oliver will join on Wednesday, Cec Drake will join on Thursday and Jason Baker will be joining in studio on Friday.

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