AUDIO: Moving Forward Is About Both The Big And Little Picture, Says Oliver

Editors Note: We have invited each of the candidates for mayor in Brockville to join a live in-studio discussion on the Hot Topic this week to discuss their platforms.



With advanced voting beginning on Monday in Brockville, the candidates for mayor continue to make their push for to undecided voters.

A large topic during the election is job creation and attracting families to the area.

On The Bruce Wylie Show with Kimberley Johnson, Candidate Mark Oliver says that kind of growth creates the foundation for his campaign platform of "Moving Forward".

"For decades business after business, and family after family, have left Brockville," says candidate Mark Oliver. "We need to reverse that trend."

Oliver says there is an assessment being done by consultants on what kind of industries Brockville would be suited to attract. He plans to use that as a launching point.

"I want to find out which specific companies are interested in expanding or relocating," says Oliver. "And then I will personally go out to these businesses and champion Brockville, just the way I've done with my company across the province."

Oliver has run PhotoVisions for about 20 years, located on King St. downtown. He says he grew his business through forward-thinking, travelling and meeting with possible associates face-to-face, and that's how he would approach the job as mayor.

But it's not just big picture items on the list of changes he wants to make. Some of his major priorities are things that he says he's identified as every-day issues for residents; including making council meetings and members more 'accessible.'

"I want to introduce something called participatory budgeting," he explains. "This is where citizens can submit their own projects to the city and see them funded every year."

During the Brockville of Chamber of Commerce mayoral debate, Oliver showed support for set office hours for council, so residents know when they can speak to a member.

Oliver also says he wants to "literally move people forward" by doing an assessment of the traffic lights in the Parkedale area.

Hear the full interview between Mark Oliver and Kimberley Johnson in the link below, including his thoughts on the question of city safety.

This is the latest in a series of Hot Topic discussions with Brockville's candidates for mayor. The other running are Kelly Cole, Cec Drake and Jason Baker.