AUDIO: MP Gord Brown's Work To Carry On Through Staff In Interim: McGregor

MP Gord Brown will be laid to rest in the coming days, and residents can expect the work to continue through his constituency office.

CTV's Senior Political Correspondent Glen McGregor says at a national level the riding is now being represented by the Conservative Party Chief Whip Mark Strahl.

But McGregor says the day-to-day work will be done by Brown's staff.

"Anybody who would normally go to an MP's office for help with a passport or employment insurance matter, routine work that a MP usually done will still be done in the constituency office, will still get done," says McGregor.

The biggest loss will be felt at local events themselves Brown was known to attend. He could often be seen making the trip to-and-from Ottawa and the riding.

The process to call a by-election will take a few months, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau setting an official date. McGregor says don't expect one until fall or even early winter.

"There won't be any great rush," he says. "The fact that there's no actual member representing the riding in the House of Commons won't affect any of the votes so there won't be any mad scramble to get the seat filled."

Brown's funeral will be held in Gananoque on Thursday morning at the Lou Jefferies Recreational Centre at 11am.

The obituary put out Friday also requests that residents make a donation instead of flowers.

A Go-Fund-Me Page has been set up to build a future second pad arena in the town, which was a dream he hoped to see realized.

As of Monday at 10am, it's raised over $11,000 of its $100,000 goal.




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