AUDIO: Sean McCann Hitting The Stage In Athens

Sean McCann is set to take the stage in Athens.

The former Great Big Sea singer and musician has been doing his own thing for a number of years now. 

McCann says that his decision to leave was based on the fact that touring with the band was bad for his sobriety, but he doesn't back away from it in his acoustic shows.

"I still do some of the songs, I take requests," he says. "I've gone in a different direction in some ways but I love to sing and I love getting people to sing, which is exactly what I'll be doing."

McCann says he is happy with his new life in Manotick.

"Love doing concerts in small halls, I really love it, I don't care if I ever do another hockey rink in my life, I don't miss it," laughs McCann. "I don't want to do it again I want to do exactly what I'm doing."

Mccan Plays Friday at the Joshua Bates Centre starting at 8pm.




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