Augusta And Prescott To Meet Over Future Arena Plans

Augusta Mayor Doug Malanka says he plans to sit down with the mayor of Prescott soon to discuss the issue of the Leo Boivin Arena.

Reports suggest Prescott is hoping that Augusta will contribute to the cost of building the new arena, since it can often be used by the town.

Malanka says he's does not want to comment either way until everything can be discussed.

"Brett Todd and I meet together often, at events or council. And we certainly agree to establish or agree on a meeting and have a discussion. I have no idea what their thoughts are so I have no idea what's being proposed."

The mayor says with it being an election year, there are also issues with approving projects so quickly.

"I think it all comes down to having those preliminary discussions to find out timing is being considered and what they'd be looking from us," says Malanka.

No official date for the meeting has been set at this time.

Malanka says until he meets face-to-face he cannot comment on his feelings.