Augusta Joins Fight Against ED-19

Augusta Township is joining Edwardsburgh/Cardinal in the fight against a proposed a new garbage dump.

Augusta Town council voiced their opinion that the Counties of Leeds and Grenville should stop negotiations with Tomlinson Environmental to buy the proposed ED-19 landfill site near Spencerville.

One of the main reasons Augusta has joined the argument is because the current deal would prohibit the counties from stopping Tomlinson from expanding the landfill once the counties no longer own the land.

Residents of both areas are also concerned with the fact that the proposed landfill site received environmental approval 19 years ago.

The approval has since been challenged by MPP Steve Clark who has asked the environment ministry to reevaluate the situation.

 This past weekend the Committee Against the Dump held a family-themed event in Spencerville to raise money for the fight against ED-19.

Close to 300 people were in attendance to help raise money to pay for environmental experts to examine the 1998 environmental certificate.  The plan is to then submit the findings to the Ministry of the Environment.

The hope is the submission will be ready to send to the province by Mid-May

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