B&B Owners Frustrated Over Hotel Tax To Address City Council

A tax on top of a tax.

Thats how one Bed and Breakfast owner describes the incoming city's Municipal Accommodation Tax, or  'Hotel Tax'.

Co-owner David Duc of the Sir Isaac Brock Bed and Breakfast is one of the local business owners attending council Tuesday night to voice frusteration.

On Friday, he says they were sprung with the news that the tax would be covering the entire cost of a stayy, including food and services, but thats not all.

"That HST is actually going to calculated on top of the municipal tax. Therefore there's going to be a tax, on the tax. That amount of $5 will be added to the bill, and then that amount will be taxed in addition to our total price."

Duc says Council claims they've lumped it all together because online booking - link Hotels.com or expedia sites wouldn't be able to distinguish the numbers.

Duc says ideally after this meeting councillors will see that B&B's will be exempt from the hotel tax - like Ottawa or Toronto - or that they give owners more time.

"Our point is more out of principle that we're not going to be paying the tax it's going to be our guests paying the tax. It just seems rather cavaliere the way the city is just trying to push this thing through without doing the due diligence and considering."

Duc also says that even with all of this, Council still doesn't have a plan on how to spend the money. 

The hotel tax is set to be implemented May 1.