Back To School, Back To Road Rules Warns Brockville Police

back to school roads

It's officially the end of summer for students; they headed back-to-school Wednesday.

Brockville Police say they'll have an extra presence on the road, as many people can forget the rules after months of school being out.

Police Chief Scott Fraser says officers don't want any one - especially a child - getting hurt.

"That's our biggest fear," he explains. "Fines you can just pay, but if someone gets hurt and it's completely careless.

The stop sign comes out, you stop. It's not hard."

Fraser says they'll be watching for drivers who aren't slowing in school zones, or stopping for buses and kids crossing the street.

Crossing guards are also a concern for the Student Transportation of Eastern Ontario.

The STEO's Jan Murray says be sure to take your time.

"Wait for all of the pedestrians as well as the crossing guard to make it all the way through the intersection, because they may have dropped something," she warns. "So make sure they've fully cleared the intersection."

If you don't stop for a stopped school bus, you face a fine of up to $2,000.