Blue Church Undergoing Renovations

If you've driving past the iconic Blue Church, near Prescott, you may have noticed some changes over the past few weeks.

It's undergoing renovations.

Chairman John Harding says the board which oversees the church agreed the building was a need to repaint. But, when they went to replace the wood siding, it opened up a can of worms.

Upon closer inspection, the windows needed to be redone as well.

"The windows were a big expense, we budgeted for the clapboard, but the windows [are] stretching our reserves."

What began as a $14,000 project is now looking closer to $22,000.

"It's going to wipe us out," Harding says says smiling, despite the news. "There's no church body, or group, or government organization that takes care of this. We look after ourselves."

The Blue Church has a long history, the first, built in 1790 was destroyed by fire.

The second was built in 1809 and suffered the same fate. It was re-built in 1845, and remains standing today. Hosting a cemetery, the grounds contain the graves of early Upper Canada settlers.

While the church doesn't host regular Sunday services, it is used for weddings, and special summer services, among other small events.

Throughout the summer they have to maintain and mow the grounds. Harding says that can be about $500 a mow, which adds up.

The weather has stalled the fix-up process as well. Harding hopes to have everything completed as soon as possible.

"We have wedding planned for July," he laughs. "Let's hope June is beautiful month and we can get it all finished!"

To donate to the rebuild of Blue Church, visit their webpage.