BREAKING: It's A Race For Mayor Of Brockville

The race is on in Brockville!

Two residents have announced their entering into the race for Mayor of Brockville-- and it all happened on the steps of Brockville City Hall minutes apart.

First to file his nomination papers: Cec Drake. Drake - a former member of the Brockville Taxpayers Association - says his campaign is placing a heavy focus on financial accountability.

"The city is headed towards bankruptcy if we don't do something about it," says Drake. "I mean the taxes are too high. We want new business and new people to come to Brockville. They're not going to come if we keep raising taxes."

Drake says that he understands some projects are already in motion, but plans to give the budget a hard review if voted in.

Next followed Mark Oliver.

Oliver has run Photovisions -- a business in Brockville for almost 30 years -- says he plans to put his background to use.

"Brockville down looks beautiful, but there are some vacancies in here, and there’s been some long-term vacancies, and that breaks my heart as a businessman and a citizen," he says. "We can't just cross our fingers and hope they're going to be here. And we are already well on the way, that [Brockville Railway] tunnel - such a beautiful, beautiful attraction, people are always moving through that. That's the kind of stuff we have to focus on."

While both tout ideas of a better Brockville, both have quite different approaches for voters to choose from.

Oliver says his campaign slogan is "Moving Forward" with a focus on adding to Brockville to attract business.

"If we don't move forward, as you know Proctor and Gamble just announced their closing and Amazon up in Ottawa just announced an opening up there," he says. "We can't let progress go by us, we have to attract people to be here. That's families and businesses."

And while Oliver is looking to focus on 'progress', Drake says the city can't be foolish with its budget.

"The city's getting smaller; we have a plant closure coming up in two years’ time. We have to get ready for this. We can't go on the way were going, turn the city around, give it a good future,"

"I'm a detailed kind of guy and I want to see the details. I want to understand what's in the budget, and how the budget's been functioning and what the present plan is to go forward. It will be up to the new council to decide if they want to take some things out of that budget"

These are the first two candidates to submit nomination papers, since current Mayor David Henderson announced he would not be running for another term.