Brockville Chamber of Commerce Names Business Person of the Year

The Brockville chamber of commerce has announced the 2017 business person of the year.

Local business advocate Michael Adamcryck will be receiving this year's honor.

Originally starting in the corporate business world, he left with the goal of mentoring and investing in the Brockville economy.

Adamcryck is credited with creating close to 100 jobs in the area.

Over the past year he has invested money, business skills and day-to-day operating time into multiple local companies such as the Brockville YMCA and 1000 Islands Swim Club.

He also acts as the Chair for Brockville's  Economic Development Advisory and is personally involved in Business mentorships for Young Entrepreneurs.

Adamcryck will accept his reward at the Chamber's Awards of Excellence Gala on November 9th.

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