Brockville Council Candidate Profile: Ralph Legere

Ralph Legere says he's doesn't want to use the taxpayer as 'a piggy bank.'

Legere says, he's a developer, and has a problem with how the city has carried the last few years of projects out.

"Some of the ideas of previous and present city council have come up with are excellent ideas," he says. "They just seem to lack the organizational capacity to put it together to make it more effective, and more effectively used to the public."

Legere is one of twenty members running for council - and says that he doesn't want to spend 'a dime' on things like the twin-pad arena.

Legere says it's about packaging the city better, and approaching developers in Canada and the U.S. to set up shop here to build it up. He says that's where city should be focusing its attention.

He doesn't think the city gets anything out of tourists coming into the city for the just a day.

"When a bus tour shows up unloads, goes in and views an event like the [Aquatarium], and then gets back on the bus where's the money to Brockville? Where's the benefit to the public, to society," he asks. 

"People are attracted to events where there's a lot of people, if there's no people there they don't come."

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