Brockville Councillor Candidate Profile: Joy Sterritt

Local council candidate Joy Sterritt says she's running for the "silent majority" in the community.

Sterritt says when she goes door-to-door, she hears many people who have questions and are confused on the issues, but may not voice their opinion in the council chambers.

She says those people are often the ones with the best ideas, and she wants to be sure to be in touch with that tax base.

Derelict buildings and aesthetics are a problem in Brockville, says Sterritt. She wants people to feel good about the community they live in, because the city has a lot of good qualities. She says community fundraising groups and the downtown BIA are doing a great job, and council can help them further.

"There's a bit of a negative feel out there by some businesses downtown, and I'd like to turn that around so there's more of a positive feel out there about that."

Sterritt says that council can do a better job of putting in what she sees as a small amount of money to make improvements.

She also says that the city doesn't have to do it alone.

"Speak with other communities that are having some degree of success, whether it's Prince Edward County or the Town of Perth," she says. "Reach out and talk to these others because they may have stumbled along the way and may have good ideas for us."

She says the ideas and thoughts across Eastern Ontario can be shared so the entire area can become a more economically sound area.

If she makes it to council, Sterritt says that she's looking for transparency in City Hall.

Sterrit says that canvassing she hears people’s confusion about projects, especially large scale ones like the Aquatarium, which she sees as a positive in the community. Council has to be clear and concise.

"What are we getting involved in, what it means, what are the repercussions, what are the options to make sure that the public are well informed about the decision making that council makes," says Sterritt.

In all, Sterritt says she loves the community, and loves being involved and that's why she's running.