Brockville Councillor Candidate Profile: Nathalie Lavergne

Nathalie Lavergne says that she's running for council for a very simple reason: she chose to live here.

Originally from Montreal, Lavergne says that friends thought she was crazy for moving here four years ago, but after visiting the city and the festivals they get it now.

Lavergne says that with her Spitfire cafe business she's inspired to push for small businesses in the city.

"If we're just focusing on big businesses, or big plans, we might be missing other opportunities," she says. "The Spitfire Cafe has created five jobs, if every small business were to create one or two or three jobs."

Since she's moved here she's opened the cafe and organized events and thinks she brings a different flair to the city. Lavergne says she would have benefitted from help on how to get settled and wants to implement that for others who find their way here.

As a business in the downtown core she says she's seen the issues first hand, garbage and stolen goods thrown on her property, and has started a neighbourhood watch.

"An active, attractive, stronger Brockville. That's what I want to see."

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