Brockville Councillor Candidate Profile: Philip Deery

Philip Deery says that the council has been taking steps to remain fiscally responsible, while moving the city forward.

He can see the valid criticisms people have of the decisions or approaches they’ve made but others he thinks come from a place of "misinformation." Deery says that the city has enough funds to move ahead with big projects like the hospital expansion, by phasing the cost in over the long-term.

"Incorportate it into the levy, at a smaller portion, allowing future generations who are going to benefit from it to pay their share of that facility."

He says the project is a no-brainers for Brockville. As for the twin-pad arena, the city has already been setting aside the money for the project, says Deery.

With Leeds-Grenville-Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes MPP Steve Clark now as minister of housing and municipal affairs, he says the city is in a unique position over the next four years.

"I think we've got provincial government right now, we've got a good relationships with that government," Deery says. "We should be leaning on that relationship to the best of our ability to see if there are opportunities with that government that might not have been there in the past."

Deery says he wants to take a positive attitude but a "realistic" one. He says learning from past mistakes is a positive thing.

"Part of being a councillor isn't just focusing on what’s happening today, it's about looking out at the future state of what you want the community become, and what the steps are to get us to the next level," he says.

"And I think I have a fairly good view and approach on that."

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