Brockville Gets Youth Friendly Title

PlayWorks has deemed Brockville, Gananoque and Rideau Lakes as some of the provinces most friendly for kids.

Leigh Bursey - who is wrapping up his time as Brockville's Chair of the Youth Advisory Committee - says this will allow the city to show new residents that they have something to offer families.

"It's a huge thing for us, as well as something we're really excited about," he says.

"The static arguement has been that we aren't focused on our young people, when in fact we do support a lot of initiatives that are very positive for our young people."

The 'Youth Friendly Community Designation' says the city serves those between the ages of 13 and 19, through their sport, dance, volunteerism and civic engagement, as well as a range of other factors.

The area's are listed alongside larger cities Guelph, Kingston, and Hamilton.

Bursey says, even though the city won't recieve any money out of the title, this 'pays for itself.'

"Now when someone comes into the community, goes to city hall, and asks 'is this place a good place to raise a child' we now have a living document where we can show them that yes it is," he explains. "And that it is a current document."

The Youth Advisory Committee plans to celebrate the distiction next Tuesday, April 9th, starting at about 5pm, ahead of the city council meeting.