Brockville Man Sets His Eyes On Everest Base Camp

One Brockville native is prepping for the tallest mountain in the world, and try to do good in the process.

Randy McCaugherty is climbing to Mount Everest Base Camp in May with Dream Mountain - a group of climbers from the surrounding area that also raise money for charity.

Having done Kilimijaro and Machu Pichu before, McCaughterty says when he tried it the first time he was hooked.

"I'm excited. Everest is the highest mountain in the world. I really want to check it out, see what it's all about."

McCaughtery is paying for himself to make the trip, but each climber commits to raising as much money as they can for a charity. McCaughtry's this time around is SOS Childrens Villages. He has so far raised a little half than his $5000 goal.

Supporters at the fundraiser at the Keystone Pub were treated to a tasting menu from Fatboys, a restaurant in Ottawa's Byward Market, partnered with whiskey tastings from Jack Daniel's.

He says it all came together thanks to those around him and says the support has been "incredible."


"When we started this I didn't expect this big of a turn out," says McCaughtry. "We're close to 80 people and it's incredible."

Those interested in supporting McCaughtry's fundraising efforts can do so online.

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