Brockville Off-Duty Officers Can Smoke Legal Pot, Says Chief

Brockville and Gananoque officers will be following the lead of other cities when it comes to legalized marijuana use while off-duty.

Chief Scott Fraser says officers will be able to use pot in their off hours, just as long as they show up sober for work.

The policy is called 'fit for duty.'

"When you look it similar to alcohol, we don't expect people to show up to work intoxicated," says Fraser. "Being 'Fit For Duty' means you are fit to do the job you're being paid to do."

It comes as front-line officers across the country learn what will, and won't be acceptable when cannabis becomes legal on October 17. Calgary has banned their officers from smoking pot in their down time, while Toronto officers won't be able to use cannabis within 28 days of a shift. 

Fraser says he's comfortable with the Brockville force is taking it's cue from The Ottawa Police Service's instead.

"We're watching any of the legislative changes and any new information that we can get our hands on," he says. "But at this point we have a policy pretty well completed. We'll just watch anything else that comes as a change."