Brockville Police Arrest Man After Illegal Communication with Under-Aged Girl

Brockville Police were forced to arrest a 19 year old man who refused to stop contacting an under aged girl, despite being arrested in the past for doing the same thing.

The arrest took place on Sunday (June 25th) after police received word the 19 year old was breaching his bail conditions by attempting to speak to the 11 year old girl.

The girl’s mother contacted police Sunday morning, to report the man had been contacting her daughter over her iPad,  which went against his court-ordered conditions.

Police also learned he had spoken to the young girl on two other occasions in person, which also violates the conditions of his prior release.

The 19-year-old suspect, who is known to police, was later located on Stewart Boulevard arrested and charged with breach of his conditions.

Police held the accused in custody pending a bail hearing.

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