Brockville Police Educate Public on Most Popular Scams

March is Fraud Prevention Month and the Brockville Police would like to advise the public of two major fraudulent schemes that have been reported.

The first is the Canada Revenue Agency scam.

Brockville Police are again receiving complaints from local residents reporting they are receiving phone calls from callers pretending to be from the Canada Revenue Agency who claim an audit has identified discrepancies from past years filed taxes and repayment is required immediately.

The fraudster will threaten consumers that failure to pay will result in additional fees or worse the police will issue a warrant for your arrest.

Fraudsters will request payment by a money service business or by pre-paid credit or gift cards.

Police want to remind residents that the Canada Revenue Agency only uses registered mail to contact consumers they will never call you. If someone does call you, do not give out any personal or financial information.

The other major scam Brockville police have dealt with is the Romance Scam.

In general romance scams involve the victim and the fraudster meeting over a social media or dating website. The fraudster will gain the trust of the victim through various displays of affection, before making up some kind of emergency that requires immediate financial aid.

 Often these occurrences go unreported because the victim’s do not wish to come forward because they feel embarrassed they were tricked.

The Brockville Police are currently investigating two such fraudulent scams from February and in one of these incidents, the victim lost almost $26 000.