Brockville Responds to Future Closing of P&G

The City of Brockville and Mayor David Henderson have spoken out about the looming closure of P&G.

In a press release, it explains the city's attempts at keeping the facility in Brockville over the past couple years.

The mayor was quoted as saying that the city had known of the plans for P&G to consolidate, but was working with them to try and keep the operation here.

Yesterday (May 24th), Proctor and Gamble announced their plans to close down the Brockville operations by late 2020 or early 2021.

That closure will impact close to 500 employees.


Here in the full press release sent out by the City of Brockville:


The City of Brockville has been disappointed to hear of Procter & Gamble’s recent decision to close their production facilities in the city. P&G has been an important part of the city for almost 40 years and this closure will have an impact on the local economy the community. The closure will directly affect 480 employees and their families, as well as local suppliers and businesses.

For several years P&G have been studying their supply chain network within North America, and in 2016 begun construction of a one-million-square-foot production facility in West Virginia. Today’s announcement will see the company shift production of Bounce and Swiffer from the Brockville plant to this facility. The transition of production is expected to be completed by early 2020 and will result in the permanent closure of the P&G Brockville site in late 2020 or early 2021.

For the past few years the City has been working closely with plant management to increase the cost effectiveness and sustainability of the business in Brockville. This included providing adjustments in their taxes and water rates and future plans to provide road and interchange improvements to allow greater logistics access to their site.

Going forward the City will be working with the company and other stakeholders locally to assist the affected employees. The City will also be actively marketing the site and looking for another employer that will bring jobs back to the city, the recently establish St. Lawrence Corridor Economic Development Commission will play a significant role in this.

On hearing of the closure Mayor Henderson stated... 

“This is a huge disappointment for the City but is not totally unexpected. The City has been aware of the plans for the West Virginia plant and that P&Gs long term plans were to consolidate production there. In the past few years the City has been working closely with the local plant management to deliver cost reductions in hopes of maintaining the facilities competitiveness. “

“The city is resilient, we have live through closures like this before and we will survive this one as well. We have three years before the closure and our Economic Development department and the new St. Lawrence Corridor partnership will be working hard to identify new investors and opportunities for this site.”

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