Brockville's Rails To Trails Festival Promises Loads of Entertainment

The Brockville "Rails to Trails" festival is going to be a big deal this year.

Not only will the first phase of the Railway Restoration Project be revealed but the event will also feature an early 20th-century travelling carnival, called the Carnivàle Lune Bleue.

There will also be other forms of cultural entertainment such as the interactive dance and the music show known as Rhythm of the Nation, the West Coast Lumberjack Show and the world's largest rubber duck will be docking in Brockville.

The festival will also coincide with Brockville's Ribfest over the same four days.

Earlier this week Celebrate Ontario announced that Brockville will receive $50,000 to run the festival, this is added on to the $70,000 donated by the Ontario 150 Grant.

Brockville is just one of six Ontario communities included in the Ontario 150 Tour.

The event begins on August 10th and runs to the 14th.

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