Brockville Sets Tax Levy Increase at Just Under 3%

Brockville City Officials released the proposed 2018 budget yesterday (October 12th) which highlighted some cuts in city services in order to keep the tax levy at a reasonable level.

The tax levy refers to the amount of money raised from property taxpayers, last year the city collected about $34.5 million.

In order to maintain current service levels next year's tax levy increase would have had to be set at 5.6%, meaning Brockville tax payers would be shelling out close to an extra $2 million.

Some adjustments were made to keep the increase at just under 3%, meaning the city will instead collect just over $1 million extra in 2018.

Knocking the tax levy down meant limiting departmental budget increases to 2%, as well as cutting back on grass cutting at local parks and athletic fields.

The city also decided to cut back on weed killing, street sweeping and litter pickups.

The need for the increased tax levy is due to a number of different factors such as salary increases for the police, fire and public works departments, a  $161,000 contribution to the St. Lawrence Lodge, rising hydro costs and the province’s labour reform package.

Council will begin discussing the budget at Tuesday's council meeting (October 17th).

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