Buck-A-Beer Unrealistic For Local Brewer

One local brewer says they won't be joining the buck-a-beer program because cheap beer isn't what they do.

"You run the numbers and there's just no way to make beer that cheap, not the way we do it," says Sean Lucy, owner of the Windmill Brewery

Premier Doug Ford announced on Tuesday the government would lower the minimum price of a bottle or can of beer to $1, starting Aug. 27 a few days before the Labour Day weekend.

That's down 0.25 from under the Wynne Government.

The Johnstown company says there's far more money that goes into those $3.10 cans than people realize.

"You’ve got taxes, you've got marketing, packaging, the designs going into the label, the label itself. There's just so much money that goes into it, and there's nothing you can do. It's just there."

Ford announced there could be promotional incentives with the LCBO for breweries that lower their beer prices in time for the labour day weekend.

But Lucy says he's not worried about it or losing out on marketing like other breweries, it's not on their radar as a small company who doesn't sell out of the LCBO. He also says he doesn't even know which companies will be able to take up the offer.

He says he won’t even attempt to make a $1 promotional product.

"We love what we do we're passionate about it, we're making brew by hand. We don't have a big automated brew here, someone can watch me come in and turn every valve by hand," says Lucy.