Buds On The Bay Ditches Plastic Straws

Buds on the Bay is trying to be a bud to the environment.

The restaurants owner says they've officially made the switch to paper straws. 

John Ackerman says they'll even take a financial hit over the decision.

"I didn't want to go bio-degradable straws, I wanted to go paper, which is probably triple the cost," he says. "But let's look after the earth while we can, right?"

Ackerman says he was moved after seeing photos of sea mammals and birds with plastic straws stuck inside them.

"Imagine, a billion plastic straws a day [used] around the world. It's incredible," he explains. "Pictures of sea mammels with straws stuck in their nose, birds with plastic."

Ackerman says they've recieved a lot of support so far. He believes their the first restaurant in the city to do so.

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