Canadian Aid For Chernobyl Looks For A Final Push

The food boxes may be packed and ready to go, but Canadian Aid For Chernobyl says the groups need more financial donations.

The local group was set to end its fundraising campaign on Thursday, but says they need about $4,250 at this point to fulfill their duties.

The group boxes up food like tea and flour that can help sustain people living in the contaminated regions of Belarus. Director Dave Shaw says that each individual box they ship goes a long way. 

"It just carries them through the most challenging times of spring, before their vegetables start to grow in the gardens."

The boxes are packed into shipment of two 40ft containers that will be hand delivered by our volunteers in April. Shaw says the individual boxes work out to cost about $50 a person.

"At this point we've sold about 515 and we still have 85 boxes left that we want to try and raise the funds for."

Shaw says that people can make a donation by visiting their wesbite, or by going to Alan Browns on King St. W.