Canadian Blood Services Looking For Donors

Canadian Blood Services is putting the call out for donors.

Debbi Barfoot says a particularly wet and snowy winter has meant that not many people have shown up at their monthly clinic.

"When we were expecting, say 100 donors to walk in the door in Brockville, and only 25 walked in, well now we're 75 behind. So we're constantly trying to make up for that."

Barfoot says as of Tuesday they still have 42 spots open.

"A lot of those Christmas time donors would be rebooking in around Easter Weekend, into the March dates, so when you only have 25 show up, you don't have a lot of people rebooking into a March clinic."

Barfoot encourages anyone to sign up online, and even if they've told they can't give blood in the past to check because things may have changed.

The monthly clinic is held at the Brockville Memorial Centre. The next chance to donate is Monday, March 26.

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