Canadian Flag Flaps For Brockville

The giant Canadian Flag at the SmartCentre is officially flying free once again.

Tim Allen, who runs Tim Allen Tree Service, is the man who puts it up and takes it down. He says on such a windy day it can be very difficult to put up.

"It's a little risky because of the traffic. If a guy goes by on a truck it could wrap around, or a guy on a motorcycle, you never know, you have to be careful," says Allen. "A lot of guys probably couldn't handle it, it's probably one hundred pounds on one side while you're trying to pull the other side."

Allen says it smoothly on Thursday, but there have been problems in the past.

"I've seen that lift guys off the ground 300 pound men, 20 ft. into the air because they tried to hang onto it and it took them away. You let go. When that happens you let go."




The flag stands at about 2,450 sq. ft. and is 35 by 70 feet on a 160-foot flagpole.

Founder Bob Harper, of the Canadian Flag Education Centre, says the group rushed to get a new one up after Wednesdays storm tore it away, but it almost didn't happen.

The two other flags that complete the rotation have also been damaged in the wind over the past few weeks, and were out for repair.

In the end a rush was put out, and one is now up and flying.

But only one remains and fingers are crossed that no damage comes before a new one can be made.

The flag, which runs at a cost of $4,200 is covered by the SmartCentre, where the flag stands.

The wind storm tore off about 2/3rds of the gigantic flag on Wednesday leaving a red strip flapping in the wind.

At the time of speaking, Founder Bob Harper of the Canadian Flag Education Centre who maintains the flag says the ripped piece remains missing.