Councillor Baker Running For Mayor

Councillor Jason Baker is running for mayor, because no one else from the current council is.

After 21 years Baker was planning to retire but he says it's important that someone running the city has both council experience and is fiscally responsible, so he's stepped up.

The self-styled "reluctant candidate" says he doesn't have any agenda, because the mayor should be making unbiased decisions.

"There's some very large expenses, chiefly the contribution to the Brockville General Hospital that are going to hamper, limit and dictate how we have to move forward in the short term financially," he says. "So there isn't any room for passion projects."

Baker says that many people see him tied to the twin-pad arena, and while he does support it, it's because he think it's a good investment.

Moving forward he thinks council has to do a better job of communication, especially in light of the Brockville Tunnel Audit report. That's what he sees as the role of the leader.

"Trying to be that voice representing what council is trying to get, and being able to sell that message and also help it execute and operate efficiently and effectively."

Baker is also the sales and marketing representative at Ketchum Manufacturing Inc.