Cyclists For AIDS Support Make Their Way Through Brockville


Cyclists raising money for AIDS support and research say that it's amazing how far the cause has come.

A group of over 200 cyclists - who are made up of members of the LGBTQ community as well as their allies - have been biking from Toronto to Montreal's Pride Parade on Friday afternoon.

Interim Director of Philanthropy Michael Reid says when this ride started 21 years ago they received a very different reception.

"People would throw things at the riders, and boo them," he says. "But now we're met by mayors and church groups. It's really a testament to challenging stigma and making everyone feel included."

The group has raised $19-million in that time, including the $1.6-million dollars the group brought in this year.

Reid says the cause is still relevant today.

"All lot of people aren't necessarily dying of AIDS anymore but there are a lot of health issues that go along with it," he explains. "so this is all raising money for people who are in need."