Diving Efforts Suspended For Missing Boy

OPP say unless there's any new development their divers are finishing their search and rescue operation for the 11-year-old boy who went missing when their boat capsized on Saturday.

But OPP Constable Sandra Barr confirms they will continue to search the water and shoreline through their air and marine units.

"The family is devastated by what's going on. We're committed to finding this boy." 

On Saturday around 4pm, police got a call that five people had been thrown into the water when the boat they were in capsized. Four people were rescued, the boy has not been found.

Along with OPP, teams of numerous specialized units on both sides of the border have joined in the search, including Aviation Services, Marine Program and the Emergency Response Team (ERT), Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), RCMP, and Canadian and US coast guards.

The OPP Underwater Search and Recovery Unit have spent the past week diving and extensively searching the area, but have decided to conclude their search unless there’s any new information.

Barr thanks the local community of volunteers who have been working alongside the emergency response teams throughout the week.

"It's been long hours for the search crews as well as with the volunteers. We just want to give this family and community a resolution," says Barr.

Barr also asks that heading into the weekend, people be safe, and keep watch if they're out on the water.

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