Documents And Passports: March Break In Full Swing

It's almost March break, and many people are ready to hit the road.

But Debbie Wykes from Goliger's TravelPlus on Parkedale is reminding residents that if you're heading across the border be sure to have the proper documents squared away.

"Have all your passports and documentation. If they're travelling with one parent they should have a letter from their lawyer saying that they can travel without the other parent."

If you were hoping to grab a last minute deal, Wykes also says those are tough at this point and making travel plans ahead is best these days.

"Booking early you get the better prices," says Wykes. "If you were looking to leave on March 10th, you're getting left over hotels at high prices."

Wykes says they book clients a year ahead and that for sunny destinations in March 2019, book by September.