First Solar Eclipse in 38 Years

While you won't get to see a full eclipse in Brockville there will still be a reason to the skies this afternoon.

Unlike a portion of the U-S, Canada won't see a total solar eclipse, where the moon completely covers the sun, blacking out the sky and momentarily turning day into night.

Canadians will see a partial eclipse, with Victoria, B-C getting the country's best view at 90 per cent totality.

 In Brockville, the partial eclipse begins at 1:17pm, with its peak at 2:36pm, the eclipse will end at 3:50pm

Local astronomer Paul Bullock will run an exact simulation of a full eclipse in the planetarium on the Aquatarium’s fourth floor from 1:20 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.

People viewing the celestial event are reminded to wear eclipse glasses to prevent serious eye damage. 

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