Fulford Academy To Expand Under New Partnership

Brockville's Fulford Academy will be expanding it's services and getting more diverse after partnering with one of Europe’s leading educators.

This past Friday (April 21st), Fulford reps announced they would be teaming up with BAU Global Education to expand their services.

BAU plans to invest $11 million into the expansion.

The plans for the King Street campus now include new classrooms, a gym, living quarters, a courtyard, a kitchen and dining hall.

Fulford Academy has operated as a private educational institute in Brockville for almost 20 years but only offered programs for students from grades 7 to 10.

Come this September however, Fulford will now offer Grades 11 and 12 with the opportunity for students  to graduate with an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

By 2018  a full K-12 program for both Canadian and international students will be available.


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