Funding Issue With New Additions to Brock Trail

The Brock Trail will continue to be revitalized with new crosswalks on the way... the only matter left to resolve is who is going to pay for them...

City Councilors decided to put off talks regarding the installation of six new crosswalks to the area in order to further discuss who will pay for the most expensive ones, the city or the trail committee.

The committee was to recommend the installation of pedestrian crosswalks along the trail at six locations: Henry Street at the Brockville Museum; St. Paul Street at the Butler’s Creek bridge; Cedar Street at Church Street; Ormond Street at Bramshot Avenue; Laurier Boulevard at Bridlewood Drive; and Centennial Road at the Buell’s Creek bridge.

Three of those crossings at Ormond, Laurier and Centennial, will be more expensive because of the need to include flashing amber lights for safety reasons.

The cost to supply and install the crosswalks with lights is estimated up to  $35,000.

The six newly proposed crosswalks are part of 25 that are expected to be built along the Brock trail.

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