Gananoque Police Confiscate Weapons Arsenal from Local Couple

Some suspicious activity outside a West End Gananoque residence led town police to confiscate an arsenal of weapons.

During a traffic stop on Tuesday (October 10th), officers arrested a man and woman and seized several weapons.

The weapons included bear spray, knives, an axe, baseball bats, a collapsible baton, several pellet/BB guns, ammunition and a bullet-proof vest.

Officer also confiscated some crystal meth and marijuana.

Police concluded the two suspects were residents of the West End home that was targeted in an earlier incident which involved gunfire.

Officers gathered a search warrant and investigated the residence, however no further details about the gunfire or that search were provided.

23 year old Howie Murray and 22 year old Elizabeth Renshaw, both of Gananoque are now facing multiple weapon and drug charges.

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