Gas Prices Jump Attributed To Summer

There's been a jump in gas prices overnight to over $1.30 per liter.

Don't expect those prices to come down for some time.

That's according to gas analyst Dan McTeague.

"If you see 1.189, buy it and bring your jerry cans with you."

He says that’s due to a required switch this time of year.

"What we have to watch out for is that we'll probably be making the transition from winter spec gasoline to summer spec gasoline," says McTeague. "Refineries have to change the blends, add more expensive additives into gasoline so that into summer months gasoline doesn't become more volatile under higher temperature, you don't want gasoline evaporating from your gas tank or creating problems for the function of the engine, or causing environmental damage."

McTeague says that residents can expect that it will remain in the $1.20 range  over the weekend and then bump again.

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