Graffiti Artist Hits Brockville, Police Looking For Witnesses


Police are trying to find the culprit of a spat of graffiti around town

Cst. April Muldoon says the graffiti was discovered on Sunday and Monday. The tagger hit various spots around town including phone booth, businesses, and even the front of Brockville City Hall.

Muldoon says they're looking for witnesses or for anyone who recognizes the tags.

"Most often this is how someone signs their name, or their family knows it as well," she explains. "Hoping to reach out to the community, see if we can identify it and have this problem rectified."

She says they have had issues like this in the past but the specific markings showing a “J” a “D” or a P seem to be new.

Muldoon says right now they don’t know who did it, but being in spots around the city doesn't look good. She says it's 'horrible' to put it on important buildings like City Hall.

She says visitors come here to see the old buildings and the renovated Brockville Railway Tunnel.

"It's not an image we want to project," she says.

Muldoon says if anyone has information or a tip they can contact police officials either by email at or call the non-emergency line (613) 342-0127.