Health Unit Looking For 3,000 Students Immunization Records

The local heath unit says parents can expect to start getting letters in the mail if their children’s immunization records aren't up to date.

Around 2,954 students are lacking the proof they've received the shots, or they haven't gotten them at all.

Cindy Griffith with the Leeds Grenville Lanark District Health Unit says that's across 64 elementary schools and 13 high schools.

"When they're in close contact with each other in schools it's a breeding ground for these types of diseases, including measles," she explains. "We want to make sure everyone is protected."

The registered nurse says that number of almost 3,000 students is average. The students they reach out to range in age from junior kindergarteners, as well as children who are 7 years old and at 17 years old. Griffith says that parents can expect the letters between now and June, and if parents don't submitt the record the child could face a suspension.

"Parents have questions, they can't get the records, or they though they submitted the dates they can contact us," says Griffith.

"There are so many different immunizations at different ages it can be confusing. We can try and help."

You can contact the Leeds Grenville & Lanark District Health Unit at (613) 283-2740 or on their website. 


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