Henderson Warns Against Ford PC Leadership Win

Mayor David Henderson - who is also vying to be the next candidate for the Ontario Liberal Party in Leeds—Grenville—Thousand Islands and Rideau Lakes says he's "concerned" about Doug Fords Ontario PC Leadership win.

"He has a history of being very loud and not so much focused on the solutions, and this just polarized it more," he says of the election. "As we go forward, do you focus on making {the province} better or do you use jinglestic slogans about cutting the rot?"

Henderson says Ford will simply cut costs and jobs -- calling his plan 'slash and burn policies' over pragmatic ones.

He says there's a stark choice for voters in this election...

"There's always a chance that he could win, and in fact I think I saw one of the polls that suggested that it was a good chance," concedes Henderson. "We have to be more involved in provincial politics this time around. The choice has more repercussions for us all."

Henderson is currently the only candidate vying to be the Ontario Liberal nominee in the riding.