Highway 401 Open Again After Being Closed More Than a Day

Both directions of HWY 401 have been reopened after being closed for more than a day due to the aftermath of the multi car pile up on Tuesday (March 14th).

Both lanes of the 401 between Lansdowne and Mallorytown were opened up just before 10pm last night.

The main reason for the extended closure was due to a dangerous chemical spill that came from one of the dozen transport trucks involved in the collision.

The Ministry of Environment and Climate Change examined the site and confirmed there is no air contamination resulting from the accident.

Short-term decontamination is well underway and a long-term plan is in place to reduce any future risk to surface water and environment.

29 people including 18 emergency personal were hospitalized for decontamination and various injuries.

The lone fatality in the incident was a 45 year old truck driver Ian Melville of Hamilton who died of his injuries Tuesday evening.

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