Ice Cream Sales Heating Up With The Weather

While the heat has been a boon for most in the city, it's been a boom for one group.

Ice cream shops are seeing a huge boost since the sweltering heat began.

Brooke Melbourne is the supervisor at Cowan’s Dairy. In seven years of working there, she says this is the busiest she's ever seen them.

"Insane," she says. "We have people lined up in the evenings out the door, for hours at a time, we're going through way more ice cream than normal. It's definitely one of the hottest summers since I started working here."

Melbourne says they have three or four staff members at night working to keep up with the demand.

On Canada Day alone, she says they sold out of ice cream cakes, and sold far more ice cream than usual. The most popular flavor? Their chocolate peanut butter cup.

Similar line-ups can be found at Crow’s Nest, near the waterfront, according to server Daisy Gunter.

"Line-ups all the way around the corner. People wanting ice cream and food, and it gets busy,” she explains. “And they only have one server running around and a person stuck at the window."

Gunter says even though there’s air conditioning inside, it doesn’t do much in 40C humid heat.

"For the window, the hardest part is feeling the heat from the fryer, and then the heat coming in [through the serving station] so I don't even feel the air conditioning from the window," she explains. "And then serving there's only a little bit of shade. You're kind of dying running around."