Judge Acquits BMHC on Most Charges Stemming From 2014 Attack

A judge has ruled the Brockville Mental Health Centre has adequate standards for protecting it's employees despite a scary incident almost 2 years ago.

After a year long trial, the BMHC was acquitted on 4 of 5 charges laid against it by the Ministry of Labor for failing to protect employees from the actions of Marlene Carter.

Back in October of 2014, Carter who was a mentally ill patient receiving treatment at the facility, stabbed a nurse in the head and neck repeatedly with a pen. The nurse suffered serious injuries but managed to survive the attack.

The BHMC was found guilty on one of the charges of “failing to reassess the risks of workplace violence and ensure policies and programs protect workers”

They are now awaiting the judge's final ruling to determine if any changes need to be made.