Ketchum Manufacturing Staying in Brockville

Brockville has lost a fair amount of businesses over the last few months so it comes as a relief that one Brockville based company will be staying put.

Two employees of Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. have finalized the purchase of the company, ensuring it remains in the area.

Jason Baker, a Brockville City councilor and director of the company’s commercial division, and Kevin Dalrymple, director of livestock sales, are now co-owners of the company.

The company's workforce ranges from 40 to 50 employees, currently with 44 full time employees and 11 on temporary employment.

Ketchum which is located on California Ave, is responsible for manufacturing and distributing custom identification tags and other identification products to customers around the world.

The exact purchase prize of the company is unknown, but it is said to be worth millions of dollars.

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