Know Two Ways Out Of Every Area Of Your Home, Says Brockville Fire

Brockville Fire wants residents "looking, listening and learning," during Fire Prevention Week.

Fire Prevention Officer Greg Healy says one of the biggest misconceptions about fire safety is the attitude that 'it can't happen' to you.

"I think people are very complacent, they figure that they've gotten this far without a fire," he says. "And they're going to continue to roll the dice in a lot of cases, doing things that isn't really fire safe."

He says you should be taking time to look around the house and find those fire hazards.

Safety also means knowing your home, in case something does happen.

"Listen for the sound of your smoke alarm," explains Healy. "And learn two ways out of every room or every area."

The most dangerous time for fires is during the holidays, says Healy. Kitchen fires often start because people get distracted and walk away. He confirms Brockville managed to avoid any blazes over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Fire crews will be out performing fire drills with schools as Fire Prevention Week continues.