Large Number of Local Education Employees Make Ontario's Sunshine List

A large number of education employees in the region made an excellent living in 2016.

A total of 664 employees belonging to the region's three major school boards have made Ontario's Sunshine list by earning at least $100,000 in 2016.

The Upper Canada District School board accounted for 322 members, while 157 members of the catholic school board also made the list.

The public school board saw an 85% increase of sunshine members, only 174 employees made the list in 2015.

The large increase of inclusion for public school employees is being attributed to a negotiated salary increase at the provincial level and a one-time early gratuity payout option.

The three education directors from the boards came in with the highest annual salaries, each earning over $200,000.

UCDSB director Stephen Sliwa made $245,917,  CDSBEO director William Gartland earned $205,708, while the director at the local French Catholic school board Réjean Sirois raked in $218,373.

At the post secondary level; St. Lawrence College President and CEO Glenn Vollebregt made $263,619, while Brockville campus dean Douglas Roughton made $134,580.

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