Late Prescott Man Leaves Entire Estate to Local Charities

A late Prescott man is making sure the belongings he left behind are being put to good use.

John Hartry who passed away this past October, left his182-year-old Robert Glasgow House and his most prized collectibles to a number of local charities.

The name of the benefiting charities will be kept secret until his estate is settled; but the charities will benefit from the sale of not only the house but a number of valuable antiques ranging from artwork, furniture and pottery. 

Some of his collectibles are over 100 years old.

Two valuable cars will also be up for sale, a 1955 Morgan and a 1956 Austin Healey.

The first online auction for Hartry's belongings started yesterday (February 22nd), the second online auction will begin March 8th.

The house itself located at 388 Centre street will be auctioned off in Prescott on April 7th.

For a complete list of the items up for sale... CLICK HERE